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Top Wellness Africa Ltd

Top Wellness Africa Ltd is a registered limited company that seeks to provide consultancy in workplace Mental wellness. We target Corporates, Organizations and Institutions in resolving day to day challenges that reduce performance, productivity, general well-being of persons, affecting holistic personal and workplace overall performance and productivity..


Work is good for mental health but a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems. It is estimated that mental illnesses cost $2.5 trillion globally in 2010, and this cost will rise to over $6 trillion by 2030.Most of these costs are indirect and are due to productivity losses associated with mental illness.

These losses include absenteeism (days out of work) and presenteeism (reduced productivity while physically present at work). Adverse working conditions that involve poor communication and management practices, low autonomy, effort-reward imbalance, unclear tasks or organizational objectives, occupational uncertainty and lack of value and respect in the workplace are particularly associated with mental health problems.

Workplace mental health targets a large percentage of the adult working population. Early identification of mental health conditions in the workplace is important as it can help facilitate referrals and pathways for care and support services, as needed.

Top Wellness Africa recognizes that without good mental wellness, a workforce can crumble under daily pressures and stress.We have embarked on a campaign that focuses on workplace mental wellness as a crucial factor in recovery from COVID-19 as well as an essential factor in employee happiness. We focus on workplace activities, trainings and interventions that promotes mental health through prevention of triggers and support for employees who may be living with mental health conditions.

At the core of Top Wellness Africa, is a community of practitioners passionate about helping our clients discover, cultivate, enrich and transform their lives to wellness. We apply a holistic inclusive approach by focusing on Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social and spiritual Wellness. We champion inclusion and deal with workplace cross cutting issues to enhance Mental wellness. We are reliable, committed and supportive to ensure tailored interventions as per individuals’corporates’, organization and institution’s need.


Our Vision

To be the choice company in providing workplace mental health and holistic wellness services.

Our Mission​

Transforming lives by engaging people to seek meaningful physical, mental, social and emotional wellness.

Our Values

Our unique approaches include

The Team

Nancy Gathi

CEO/ Founder -Top wellness Africa

John K. Muichuhio

Team Building and mindfulness specialist

Mercy Githara

Mental health consultant and advocate


Customer Says
Having worked in a Quarantine ward/section is really traumatizing and worrying, this is because you are not sure if you will be the next patient. Through Zumba and yoga activity today, I feel refreshed, relaxed and re-energized. Once again thanks to Top wellness Africa for your good job.
Mary Wangechi
Health care worker- Mater Hospital Covid-19 unit
The team building activities you have offered to this team has rejuvenated their energy and am sure they are ready for the task ahead in the next quarter. Top wellness Africa , your unique approach is educative and fun. Thank you so much.
John Kiarie
ICU/HDU unit in-charge
Top Wellness Africa you have really helped my staff and I cope better during this pandemic period. Personally I was living in fear due to lack of job opportunities. Through your mental Health awareness and self-care sessions. We are able to overcome challenges as they come. Thank you.
Dove Green Company

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